Isolate® EARPLUGS offer perfect protection for:

  • Concerts and Clubs

    Experience the most incredible sonic details at safe levels with no uncomfortable subsonic pressure.

  • Working

    It's not always possible to avoid noisy environments, particularly if it's part of your job. Protect your ears from irreversible hearing damage.

  • Undisturbed sleeping

    Enjoy a good night's sleep with perfect isolation from noisy neighbours, snoring and traffic noise. A great solution for those working night shifts.

  • Motor sports

    Protect your ears from loud and painful noises while still enjoying all the action.

  • Motorbikes

    Hidden in your ear they're perfect for wearing inside your helmet in complete comfort.

  • Travelling

    Whether you're on a packed plane, crowded train or a busy bus, travel in complete peace.



Aerospace grade Aluminium, lightweight and wonderfully effective.

ISOLATE® Aluminium SNR35.
L=29 M=32 H=35

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Aerospace grade Titanium, denser than Aluminium and thus more effective... the pro choice.

ISOLATE® PRO Titanium SNR36.
L=31 M=33 H=35

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Earplug Accessories

30 Days of Quiet or Your Money Back!

We are so confident you will find Isolate or Snoozers earplugs better
than your current earplugs, we offer you 30 days to put them to the test.
Should they not be for you we will unhappily but willingly refund you the cost of the earplugs.