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Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Natural Finish
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Silver Pink Finish
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Display Image
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Display Image
Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Contents
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Natural Finish
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Silver Pink Finish
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Display Image
Earplugs - Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Display Image
Sleeep Aluminium Earplugs Contents

SLEEEP® earplugs are designed to help you have the best nights sleep! Made from aerospace-grade aluminium that has been anodised and worn with pillow-soft memory foam tips the earplugs are light and durable, though more importantly, the metal stops noise getting down our ear canals. 


It's not possible to stop our hearing completely, as we will always hear something through bone conduction vibrations from our skulls. However, using metal instead of foams, plastics or silicone to block sound is more effective across all frequencies. Commonly the muffled effect from an earplug is our reference for an earplug working, with SLEEEP® earplugs you don't get that, everything just sounds quieter. Specifically designed for sleeping, the dual tips also give increased comfort when sleeping on your side.


  • SLEEEP® are made from aerospace grade aluminium.
  • Reduce the noise of snoring and other disturbing background noise so you can get a peaceful nights sleep.
  • SLEEEP® earplugs are unlike any other earplugs as they block direct sound to your ear canal, rather than absorb like foam and plastic alternatives.
  • No annoying bass frequencies, the days of muffled effects are over.
  • Includes a set of Extra Small, Small and Medium domed tip EARFOAMS® so you can try all sizes before deciding on the best fit.
  • Replacement EARFOAMS® available.


    SLEEEP® Pro Titanium earplugs offer even greater noise reduction for those who want maximum noise reduction, this is achieved due to titanium being a denser metal than aluminium.


    Inside each packet of SLEEEP® Pro Earplugs you receive the following:

    1 pair of SLEEEP® Aluminium Earplugs


    1 x soft pouch

    2 pairs of Extra Small Foams - 1 pair for each earplug


    2 pairs of Small Foams - 1 pair for each earplug


    2 pair2 of Medium Foam  - 1 pair for each earplug

    There are 3 sizes of foams so you can determine which size foams fit you best.


    The best way to determine which is right is to start small and work up. Using a foam that is too large for your ear will only push the earplug further out of the ear canal so it becomes only as good as a cheap foam earplug.


    The sweet spot for the earplug to sit is so the foam is gently pushing sideways on your ear canal creating a seal to block outside noise. This can mean the earplugs is sitting slightly further inside your ear canal than other earplug solutions.


    Once you know the size of foam you require you can purchase packs of 3 pairs.


    The time EARFOAMS last will vary on personal use. We have found using a foam too large will also degrade it quicker. As a rule of thumb we suggest changing your foams monthly or when you see the outer coating starting to tear.


    Foams cannot be washed but will sustain being wiped gently with a damp cloth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Christo Geldenhuis

    Got the earplugs yesterday and try to fit in my ear, very uncomfortable and doesn't block much sound/noise. Very disappointed as I bough the Pro Titanium sleep. Expensive price to pay for something that's not doing the job. The advertising is completely misleading!!

    Pleased with purchase

    The best I have used so far, a little expensive, but comfortable and well made.

    Caroline Tibbits
    Good service

    Good service and I received the earplugs on time and they do work!

    Very happy with them

    My second pair, wanted to try the double foam new ones, and they cut out all unnecessary noise. I am a light sleeper and could not sleep without them.

    Amazing ear plugs

    They have been amazing, I got the Sleeep Pro for my trip to Sri Lanka as I need quiet to sleep and was on a night flight and sleeping in the jungle which is very noisy but I was able to sleep well.


    I bought these ear plugs to try and block out my partners snoring! I specifically picked these ones as I have tried lots of others types and none seemed to fit in my ears properly. The Sleeep ear plugs come in different sizes and the smallest ones fit well in my ear. Unfortunately they don't block out all the snoring (I'm not sure there is anything that will!) But they are definitely the best so far.

    Good purchase

    I purchased the Sleeep titanium model. Good advice, prompt delivery, competitive price.

    Emma Perry
    Sleep Ear Plugs

    I have both the Isolate minis and sleeps. Both are excellent and I like them for different reasons. The sleeps are great for blocking the husbands snoring but still being able to hear my children if they wake in the night. I find them more comfortable, especially when sleeping on your side. I also like that they kind of stick out a bit, as it enables you to get them out easier than the minis.

    Not for my ears, but Isolate MiNi worked for me

    I tried the Sleeep ear plugs after first using Isolate Standard and moving near some new noisy neighbours. While Isolate are great ear plugs, I cannot sleep in the standard size, so I tried Sleeeps. Unfortunately, they weren't for me, but the Mini Isolates I exchanged them for have been brilliant! Obviously my delicate little ears didn’t take to the Sleeep ones (haha), but I’ve been using the new Isolate MiNi ones every night without issue. Love them!

    Happy with my purchase

    Quick delivery good quality product working well for me.