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Earplugs - SLEEEP® Aluminium
Christo Geldenhuis

Got the earplugs yesterday and try to fit in my ear, very uncomfortable and doesn't block much sound/noise. Very disappointed as I bough the Pro Titanium sleep. Expensive price to pay for something that's not doing the job. The advertising is completely misleading!!

Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Good purchase

They work well and are better than the foam ones.

I've been using Isolate Minis to reduce volume levels both at work and generally out and about. Sudden, loud and repetitive noises trigger PTSD symptoms in me, which has made normal life tricky and challenging. These earplugs reduce the volume levels around me and have enabled an almost completely normal life again, without cutting out everything; I can still hold conversations and am still aware of what's going on around me.

Pleased with purchase

The best I have used so far, a little expensive, but comfortable and well made.

Good service

Good service and I received the earplugs on time and they do work!

Pleased with purchase

Very good earplugs. Don't cancel out all noise but much better than anything I've used. Come in their own lovely pouch.

Just what I was looking for ...

I’d heard about them through musician friends, had a look at the online reviews, and decided to try them out. Couldn’t be better for the price, and do what I want in rehearsals and sound checks. Seem to be reducing the dreaded tinnitus as well.

Very happy with them

My second pair, wanted to try the double foam new ones, and they cut out all unnecessary noise. I am a light sleeper and could not sleep without them.

Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Great ear plugs

I am very happy with how they fit. Very comfortable when you get used to putting them in and I even sleep in them as my partner snores loudly.
Very good quality and I would recommend.
The customer service is also great and they provided me with some advice on fitting and answered my questions. Very happy.

Amazing ear plugs

They have been amazing, I got the Sleeep Pro for my trip to Sri Lanka as I need quiet to sleep and was on a night flight and sleeping in the jungle which is very noisy but I was able to sleep well.

IsoLate earplugs

I have been searching for years for earplugs that are comfortable and work properly. I have tried all the top foam types that make your ears hot and don’t stop my husbands snores. He then bought me some IsoLate plugs and for the first time in years I am getting a peaceful nights sleep and so comfortable - thank you !

Very pleased

The black aluminium ear plugs have been a life saver for my husband as he can now get a good night's sleep without hearing every little noise.


When you have problems sleeping you know how frustrating it can be to be woken up, after years of searching I have found the solution, these earplugs work!

I bought these ear plugs to try and block out my partners snoring! I specifically picked these ones as I have tried lots of others types and none seemed to fit in my ears properly. The Sleeep ear plugs come in different sizes and the smallest ones fit well in my ear. Unfortunately they don't block out all the snoring (I'm not sure there is anything that will!) But they are definitely the best so far.


After 2/3 years of not sleeping in the same bed as my partner, finally just woken up with an UNDISTURBED SLEEP. I have tried and tested every ear plug you can find - nothing worked and I was desperate for a solution. Worth every penny, would have actually paid a lot more as the results are priceless - thank you

Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Best ear plugs

The ear-plugs are the best I have ever used, they stop me hearing my husband's noisy snoring.

Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Amazing ear plugs

I'm autistic and very sensitive to sound. These are amazing. I've used them with all sorts including snoring, clattering in the building's attic, and fans and it got rid of all of the sound completely. It can be a little uncomfortable at times but I don't really care because they're so good.

price of replacement foams

Your advert and articles do not give the price of replacement foams.

Good purchase

I purchased the Sleeep titanium model. Good advice, prompt delivery, competitive price.

Sleep Ear Plugs

I have both the Isolate minis and sleeps. Both are excellent and I like them for different reasons. The sleeps are great for blocking the husbands snoring but still being able to hear my children if they wake in the night. I find them more comfortable, especially when sleeping on your side. I also like that they kind of stick out a bit, as it enables you to get them out easier than the minis.

Not for my ears, but Isolate MiNi worked for me

I tried the Sleeep ear plugs after first using Isolate Standard and moving near some new noisy neighbours. While Isolate are great ear plugs, I cannot sleep in the standard size, so I tried Sleeeps. Unfortunately, they weren't for me, but the Mini Isolates I exchanged them for have been brilliant! Obviously my delicate little ears didn’t take to the Sleeep ones (haha), but I’ve been using the new Isolate MiNi ones every night without issue. Love them!

Love them!

The Mini Isolates you sent me have been brilliant!....Obviously my delicate little ears didn’t take to the Sleeep ones (haha), but I’ve been using the new ones every night without issue. Love them!

Happy with my purchase

Quick delivery good quality product working well for me.


I'd been using foam ear plugs for a few months to block my partners snoring but they didn't seem to work! In desperation i ordered the Isolate Mini's and were shocked at how much they blocked out! They do not totally block all sounds as you can hear your alarm going etc but i can only just hear him snoring now! I've been sleeping so much better!

I would definitely recommend these ear plugs, however i do wish i'd bought the Sleeep ones as they may be a bit more comfortable when laying on your side!

Sleeep ear plugs

These earplugs were extremely painful to sleep in. Even when I used the smallest size, they hurt inside my ears and also pressed against the pillow. So much so I had to take out in the night. They also did not seem to cancel annoying noises as promised. Very expensive mistake.