Earplug comparison guide

Which earplug iS for me?

There are a couple of choices to make before we can deliver you some peace and quiet. 
1st - Which model of earplug, ISOLATE MiNi or SLEEEP earplugs?
2nd - Which alloy metal the earplugs are made from, Titanium or Aluminium?

Decision 1 - This decision is slightly tricky, as it's really down to comfort and how the earplugs suit your ears, which can't really be determined until they're fitted in your own ear canals. Though we can suggest if you are only intending to sleep in the earplugs then you should go for SLEEEP. If you are wanting to use the earplugs for sleeping and or other uses such as while travelling, at work or for music concerts then ISOLATE MiNi would be the way to go.

Decision 2 - Titanium is denser in its properties which makes it better at blocking sound travelling through it. This is especially noticeable across the lower frequency range. Snoring can be made up of mostly low frequencies. Aluminium is still a very good metal to use for an earplug compared to foam and plastic solutions and will reduce the sound to your ear canals dramatically There is also a cost consideration where Titanium earplugs are more expensive than the the Aluminium versions.

Titanium Ear Plugs are no only available in the Sleeep version, Isolate Mini Titanium has been discontinued.

ISOLATE® MiNi Earplugs

ISOLATE® MiNi are a great all rounder earplug.

Suitable for sleeping, travelling, work, music concerts, any occasion where you just need some peace and quiet.

ISOLATE® MiNi are available as


SLEEEP are the ultimate sleeping aid.

Designed after the ISOLATE MINI as a more comfortable earplug to wear while lying on your side, the foams on both ends provide additional cushioning.

SLEEEP® Earplugs are available as

30 days / nights of peace and quiet or your money back

We understand that earplugs are a personal purchase and it's important to ensure they fit and deliver as promised. This is even more relevant with our earplugs, which are in a much higher price bracket compared to some disposable foams plugs.

Please read our returns page to learn about how you can try and return within the first 30 days.

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