Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium


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Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium
ISOLATE® MiNi Ear Plugs are a revolutionary new approach to protecting your ears against noise by turning the world around us down without the muffled effect. Made from aerospace-grade Aluminium these earplugs are very light and durable though more importantly a better material for stopping noise getting down our ear canals.
  • Made from aerospace-grade Aluminium.
  • Reduce noise and loud sounds to protect your hearing or for just peace and quiet.
  • ISOLATE® MiNi are unlike any other earplugs as they block direct sound to your ear canal, rather than absorb like foam and plastic alternatives.
  • No annoying bass frequencies, days of muffled effect are over.
  • Use for Sleeping (blocking snoring!), Travelling, Motorcycling, Motorsport and Music Concerts. (for shooting we suggest Titanium)
  • Replacement EARFOAMS® available.
  • ISOLATE® Aluminium SNR 35 - Bass 29 / Mid 32 / High 35
  • Weight ISOLATE® MiNi 1.43grams
  • Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002

It's not possible to stop our hearing completely, as we will always hear something through bone conduction vibrations from our skulls. However, using a metal instead of foams, plastics or silicone to block sound is more effective across all frequencies. Commonly the muffled effect from an earplug is our reference to an earplug working, with ISOLATE® MiNi you don't get that, everything just sounds quieter.

ISOLATE® MiNi Titanium Pro Ear Plugs are for those that require extra protection in louder environments or just want to know they are turned down the most.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Pleased with purchase

Very good earplugs. Don't cancel out all noise but much better than anything I've used. Come in their own lovely pouch.

Just what I was looking for ...

I’d heard about them through musician friends, had a look at the online reviews, and decided to try them out. Couldn’t be better for the price, and do what I want in rehearsals and sound checks. Seem to be reducing the dreaded tinnitus as well.


I'd been using foam ear plugs for a few months to block my partners snoring but they didn't seem to work! In desperation i ordered the Isolate Mini's and were shocked at how much they blocked out! They do not totally block all sounds as you can hear your alarm going etc but i can only just hear him snoring now! I've been sleeping so much better!

I would definitely recommend these ear plugs, however i do wish i'd bought the Sleeep ones as they may be a bit more comfortable when laying on your side!

Sheer Bliss!!!

I have carried all sorts of earplugs with me for what seems like a lifetime, some have been effective some have not, but always I found that they never did block the noise to the extent that I needed.
So although the Flare brand is a bit pricey,I thought that I would give them a go. And Cor!!! Blimey Guvnor!!! they are brilliant!!!
I love them, Just as much as I love my silence when I want it, They are the next best thing to having a switch behind my ears (ON&OFF).
Thank you Flare.

They work well

They are the perfect size, strong, replaceable pads - and they work well.

Initially skeptical but really pleased

I was skeptical. I was going to take an overnight train journey. They worked a treat, definitely no sound leakage. I also used them in a London Airbnb on a Main Street. Now booked for city centre nightclub area in Malaga for 10 days... got my trusty earplugs. Safe to say they have changed the relaxation aspect of my leisure time.

Can't reiterate enough how they've improved my sleep

These are the best ear plugs I have ever used, my partner snores really loud I am now getting full nights sleep again, I would highly recommend them.

Eliminate noises

After trying wax, silicone, foam, putty and every type of ear plug I could find, I decided to buy these and I am delighted. As a light sleeper, I needed to block out next doors new born, windy fence pannels and also the seaguls. These ear plugs did all three. Like all ear plugs, you have to get used to them, but for me, they 100% reduced those noises which leads to a better nights sleep.

Silence is golden

Isolate Mini. Silence is golden. Bless the beautiful silence.

Very pleased

We purchased them to go on holiday due to my husband’s excessive snoring. We are away still and I am sleeping well which has not been possible for many years. The extra small suit us both best so we need to order some spares. Highly recommended. Would not travel without them again.
Since returning from our holiday, I am now using the earplugs at work in a large noisy Office environment to cut down on noise interference. They are very indiscreet to wear however enable me to concentrate due to a quieter working environment. Worth every penny.