Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium


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Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
Earplugs - ISOLATE® MiNi Pro Titanium
ISOLATE® MiNi Ear Plugs are a revolutionary new approach to protecting your ears against noise by turning the world around us down without the muffled effect. Made from aerospace-grade Aluminium these earplugs are very light and durable though more importantly a better material for stopping noise getting down our ear canals.

It's not possible to stop our hearing completely, as we will always hear something through bone conduction vibrations from our skulls. However, using metal instead of foams, plastics or silicone to block sound is more effective across all frequencies. Commonly the muffled effect from an earplug is our reference to an earplug working, with ISOLATE you don't get that, everything just sounds quieter.

  • Made from aerospace-grade Titanium, a denser alloy metal than aluminium, these are the pro-choice from the ISOLATE® range.
  • Reduce noise and loud sounds to protect your hearing or for just peace and quiet.
  • ISOLATE® are unlike any other earplugs as they block direct sound to your ear canal, rather than absorb like foam and plastic alternatives.
  • No annoying bass frequencies, days of muffled effect are over.
  • Use for Sleeping (blocking snoring!), Travelling, Motorcycling, Motorsport, Music Concerts and Shooting.
  • Replacement EARFOAMS® available.
  • ISOLATE® Titanium Pro SNR 36 - Bass 31 / Mids 33 / High 35
  • Weight ISOLATE® 3.32g / ISOLATE MiNi 2.16g
  • Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002

ISOLATE® MiNi Aluminium Ear Plugs are slightly less dense than the Titanium, though still very good at reducing noise at a lower price point.


Although ISOLATE® MiNi earplugs are great for sleeping in we do also sell our SLEEEP Earplugs designed for sleeping in.

Not sure which earplugs is for your then read out Earplug Comparision Guide

Inside each packet of ISOLATE® MiNi Earplugs you receive the following:

1 pair of Titanium Earplugs

1 x soft pouch

1 pair of Extra Small Foams

1 pair of Small Foams

1 pair of Medium Foam

There are 3 sizes of foams so you can determine which size foams fit you best.


The best way to determine which is right is to start small and work up. Using a foam that is too large for your ear will only push the earplug further out of the ear canal so it becomes only as good as a cheap foam earplug.


The sweet spot for the earplug to sit is so the foam is gently pushing sideways on your ear canal creating a seal to block outside noise. This can mean the earplugs is sitting slightly further inside your ear canal than other earplug solutions.


Once you know the size of foam you require you can purchase packs of 3 pairs.


The time EARFOAMS will last varies on personal use. We have found using a foam too large will also degrade it quicker. As a rule of thumb we suggest changing your foams monthly or when you see the outer coating starting to tear.


Foams cannot be washed but will sustain being wiped gently with a damp cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Good purchase

They work well and are better than the foam ones.

Great ear plugs

I am very happy with how they fit. Very comfortable when you get used to putting them in and I even sleep in them as my partner snores loudly.
Very good quality and I would recommend.
The customer service is also great and they provided me with some advice on fitting and answered my questions. Very happy.

Best ear plugs

The ear-plugs are the best I have ever used, they stop me hearing my husband's noisy snoring.

Amazing ear plugs

I'm autistic and very sensitive to sound. These are amazing. I've used them with all sorts including snoring, clattering in the building's attic, and fans and it got rid of all of the sound completely. It can be a little uncomfortable at times but I don't really care because they're so good.

Titanium Mini Pro Ear Plugs

These are perfect for wearing in the garden whilst neighbours are strimming or using their chain saw. I also used them whilst away on holiday when birds were squawking outside the window. I still heard the alarm ring and I can still hear my dogs bark. I thought I would need the extra small ear foams as I have small ears but they didn’t block any sound out at all and it was the small ear foams that worked for me. I also bought the lanyard because I don’t want to lose them.

Good ear plugs for concerts

Very comfortable and neat, good for loud concerts because they appear to attenuate all frequencies similarly. Perhaps if they blocked out more sound then I would have awarded a higher score.

Great purchase

Protects my ears from loud noises as well as being extremely comfortable.

The Best ear plugs out there!

My problems started when we had new neighbours move in about 5 weeks ago- they are so noisey and have a dog that never seems to shut up- i tried wax, foam, rubber and all other manner of types of ear plugs but none of them worked at all! I needed to sleep really badly and was starting to get sick from not sleeping which with my health problems was really bad news. I was recommended ISOLATE PRO ear plugs by a freind and to start with was a bit reluctant to get any as they were more expensive then any other type of ear plug and were so tiny- i thought, surely they can't make a diffrence? turns out they can! I bought a pair of Pro mini titanimum ear plugs..they arrived in good time and i was very impressed with the advice and online service i was given by the ISOLATE ear plugs team. Because they sit in so much deeper into the ears then any other ear plug, to start with they made my ears pretty sore but I stuck with them and so glad i did- when put in correctly, they block out 95% of noise and i can no longer hear cars coming and going outside or them talking through the walls or them banging doors early in the morning. I am now getting enough sleep to do my work normally thanks to ISOLATE ear plugs and the world just seems so much more peaceful at night with them in. ofcourse they can't stop all noise so i can still hear the dog barking but the sound is a lot more distant and just softer..soft enough for me to fall back asleep quickly and not be woken up by it again. I now totally depend on my ISOLATE ear plugs to sleep and don't know what i would do without them.....so glad I got a pair and there well worth the money!


Can't believe they actually work. I have slept well every night since I bought these. For 10 years I have put up with my husbands snoring and teeth grinding, in fact I ended up sleeping in spare room most of the time. I was a bit doubtful but I cannot tell you how they have changed my life. I feel a totally different person now that I am having a good nights sleep in the same bed as my husband! One of the best things I have ever bought, AWESOME and have recommended them to anyone who mentions a snoring partner. Thank you so much,

Awesome ear plugs!

These ear plugs are awesome! I am no longer kept awake by my husband's chronic snoring! I would recommend these ear plugs to anyone, well worth the money!